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“We will close . . . you know nothing about the lesson anyhow”: Pennsylvania College during the War

by Meg Sutter ’16 Twenty-nine years had passed since the founding of Pennsylvania College by Samuel Simon Schmucker in 1832 when war broke out between the states. Due to the … Continue reading

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The Unfinished Work: Slavery Today

by Kevin Lavery ’16 2.7 million. That’s an estimate for the number of slaves in the world today. The true number is probably higher, even though the United States abolished … Continue reading

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Flags of Some of Our Fathers, Part 2: The Little Giant

by Matt LaRoche ’17 One of the most seductive forms that Confederate memory has taken in the century and a half since the alleged return of peace truly reeks of … Continue reading

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James Buchanan and the Coming of the Civil War: Complicating the Image of the ‘Do-Nothing’ President

by Ryan Nadeau ’16 While ranking presidents is often a controversial exercise open to great amounts of interpretation, all rankers—and I say this with a certainty I’m usually loath to … Continue reading

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